Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok this is pretty last minute but we are going to have a Christmas get together THIS FRIDAY in the ART BUILDING GALLERY. I hope everyone gets a chance to stop by. We will be starting at around 6 and it will end whenever everyone is gone :) 

We will (maybe) we watching a christmas movie (Elf), and doing a FOUND gift exchange. This gift shouldn't cost a dime, just something that you found. :) Also Kappa Pi will be providing Pizza and a few drinks, but I hope everyone will bring some good junk food if they can. :) So bring a dish if you want, but you don't have to... and bring a found gift so you can participate in the gift exchange! 

I'm so excited, and even though this is really last minute I hope everyone has time to stop in and take a break from stressful finals time. 

See you guys Friday!!! 

(( Darrell, I know you love that painting... ))

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