Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting Recap (and other stuff...)

We had a lot to talk about at our first meeting this semester; but if you couldn't make it I'm about to get you caught up... kind of caught up...

1. We mentioned having a Movie Night in the lecture room this Friday... 5ish... pizza, drink, etc. I wasn't sure how many people were interested in coming, but I thought it would be a good relaxing first event. Something to wind down from classes and relax, in uncomfortable chairs. I'm not sure if we are going through with this even or not because I'm unsure of attendance. I'll post something on the white  board over the sofa tomorrow about a specific date. Might be next Friday to allow more notice to more people...

2. "Not For Sale" donations. There is going to be a sale on Feb 10th and all the money will go to the Not for Sale charity to help end human trafficking... The sale is for "valentines day" gifts. So keep that in mind. You can donate any work you want, and I would encourage everyone to donate at least one thing. Our goal is to be able to cover a table with items. I think we can do that easy.

3. Movie props. For an upcoming movie being shot on campus they need some props made. Water bottles that are to be sold in a scene in the movie, as well as art to hang on walls. We are thinking about maybe having an event in the art building where we can make these "crafts" and eat pizza (yes because that's all we eat (: ) and hang out... make it fun ya know.

4. People need to pay dues! If you already paid this year that's great, but if you haven't please be an awesome person and pay :) Thanks...

5. There will be a trip to Chicago in April. The cost for that are not set in stone... so more information will be coming up soon... yes everyone is going. :)

6. Empty Bowl!! I'm personally really excited about this. (This wasn't talked about at the meeting, but I just got an email from Dr. D about it) It's Feb. 22 and 24 That's a Tuesday and Thursday from 1-3:30. Everyone has to come make a bowl. All the bowls will be sold to go to a charity that is trying to end hunger. Check out the SITE Soooo pumped about this event! I expect everyone to come :)

If you want more info on anything please just email me and I can give you more details. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Layout

Ok... I'm not to sure if I like this new layout or not... I got tired of the other one, and there were some weird kinks in it too. So I used a blogger layout, and just changed up the colors and stuff. Hopefully it will work better.

Meeting tomorrow... noon.

We will have a lot more to talk about than I thought. There are a few events that I'm really excited about us getting involved in. And I hope some of you get excited too so we can actually participate. :) Also we have the "movie evening"to discuss, and what other events we want to plan or be a part of.

See you guys tomorrow I hope.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome Back!!!

Hey guys... 
We are going to have our first meeting January 25th (that's a Tuesday) in the usual place : computer lab. 
I hope everyone will at least think about coming. 
But if you can't make it I'll be posting what happened and what any new plans here. :) 
I was thinking about a movie evening in the lecture room... order pizza or something and just hang out. Maybe de-stress from classes beginning and moving back. But we can talk about all the details of when and where at the meeting! 

See you then I hope.